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My name is Josh Huxham and I am a Freelance Photographer based in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth. I believe photography can be used to capture the most important and valuable moments in our lives. I am a creative thinker with a passion to deliver the very best service I can for the people I work with.

Your vision is important to me and I approach every opportunity to capture your moment with an open-mind to your ideas, whilst sharing my own along the way. I am proactive in delivering the very best I can and work with a sharp focus on capturing what you want. To be apart of creating your vision and bringing them to life is my overall goal, whilst developing my professional network with local people within the community.


Your Experience

I offer a diverse selection of photographic services and I am always aspiring to develop skills and knowledge in new fields of photography. I am learning when working with you.

I am passionate and excellent customer service is at the forefront of everything I do. It is very important to me that each of you have a excellent and one-of-a-kind experience.



Based in Devon

Living in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth, I graduated from Plymouth College of Art with a Masters in Photography. I behold various skills including photographic, promotional, logo and graphic design. Creativity and design has always been a passion of mine, a space where I can truly explore all of my ideas, concepts and Vision.

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