Co-op Mind Walk Plymouth 2019


On Thursday 4th April 2019, a collective of Co-op employees based in Plymouth walked a total of 40 miles in support of Mental Health Awareness. Nicky Bowden and Cassandra Humphreys formed the event, whilst colleagues, friends and family joined them along the way.

Mental health and its stigma has forced many of us to keep ourselves silent in times of struggle. Raising the awareness of mental health aims to open up the conversation about mental health in our everyday lives, especially in the workplace and when surrounded by our friends and family.

In the weeks leading up to the event, local Co-op stores took part in fundraising for the cause. Beacon Park stores decided to sell 100 lucky squares for £1 each, awarding half of the winnings to the lucky buyer of the winning square, and the other half being donated to the chosen charity. This was designed and organised by Team Leader Aimee Smith, who also took part in the walk on the day.

The walk was organised into two groups, one starting at the Southway Store and the other in Staddiscombe. At 6AM both groups set off on their scheduled journeys, later to be reunited at the Mutley Plain Store where they would finish the last 4 check-ins together as one.

Over 30 stores were visited during the walk, and check-ins were documented via the Mind Walk Plymouth's Facebook Page.

The final store to be reached by those walking for Mental Health Awareness was Fort Austin. The collective of colleagues, friends and family reached their final destination earlier than planned, with 30 minutes to go. They were welcomed by a crowd of supporters.

A total of £1500 was raised for Plymouth & District Mind, a charity who provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing mental health problems.

It is very important for me to be apart causes like the Plymouth Mind Charity as I believe it is important for us all to be able to communicate and be open about our day-to-day struggles, no matter how small or large.

I offer a safe space to anyone who needs somebody to talk to.

The Mind Walk team are now discussing the future of the Mind Walk and plans for future events are already in the works, stay tuned for more via the Mind Walk Facebook Page:

Josh Huxham