Stoke Youth & Community Centre


After building connections with locals on the Co-op Mind Walk, I decided to reach out to local causes and charities and support them in any shape or form that I could, using my camera. I was able to connect with Stoke Youth & Community Centre through Co-op networks and they invited me along to their annual Spring Fair in 2019.

This was the first time I had ever met Pat and John, the owners of the community centre. They spoke about how their 30 years of running the community centre had shaped hope and change within the community and its attitudes towards younger people.

The atmosphere in this centre was so positive and the people attending the event were the definition of community spirit. From the Local Live Singer to the Naval Cadets, this community were thriving and all out to support one another on this day, even though the weather tried to ruin the day with its strong winds!

The event attracted many local causes and people, including the Co-op, Snapdragons CIC and local Labour MP’s like Luke Pollard. It was a great experience and opportunity to network and have conversations with these people, all with visions of what the community centre should and will become, with a lot of local help along the way.

The Co-op have so far raised an estimated £12,000 for the local community centre, helping support the redevelopment of lighting within the community centre’s building.

To find out more please visit the community centre’s Facebook Page:

Josh Huxham