About 'Silence'

Josh’s work seeks the inner thoughts which we do not share in order to avoid protest. After developing a strong connection with his heritage through archiving historic photographs and other family relics, Josh continued to explore the vernacular, allowing him to form relationships in a space in which he feels visible.

‘Silence’ aims to extricate a sense of belonging within a dysfunctional family. The work expresses an essence of feeling invisible to those who are closest to us. To those who are as yet unaware.


Artist Statement

“One must not sit in their room and doubt the existence of themselves. For this is the point in which it will all begin. The fear of being out of line. The fear of not being good enough for somebody else. The fear of not being able to succeed. The fear of losing everything. And these fears, amongst many others will continue to rule the life you lead.

But you must not let this control you or define who you are as a human. You are strong. You are worthy. And you will succeed. Do not blame yourself for the wrongs of others, for this will be carried with you throughout your life. Unnecessary weight can drain you. It can kill you.

So, let go of that weight. And for heaven’s sake, talk.”


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