kalopsia series

7 archival photographs



kalopSia investigates human relations between our individual encounters and those experiences encapsulated within images from an antecedent period. Discovery through the family archive has granted myself to shape this series, motivated by nothing less than a wondrous yesterday of beings who were once and still living. The family album prevails to encompass the stimulated and instructed ideologies of the human habitat. Via the archive I have resumed to examine the hypothesis in which neighbour he family album and its notions of selfhood and anthropology.

I bestowed trust within the family album during my childhood and unconsciously assumed that of the truth, and the idea of the album being that of a somewhat false representation of history did not occur to me until I was much older. I began to think about the ideals in which presented themselves to me and those that were told to me directly by other family members. These photographs of a happier present were nothing but inklings of the wider picture of reality. This beautifully unconscious methodology of capturing and archiving photographs throughout time continues to develop my interest in the ideas beyond not only the archive but the role of the photograph within reality.


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