After returning back to where I first studied photography in an educational setting, I am now beginning to start planning some workshops in which I will lead and provide to students at All Saints Academy Plymouth. Whilst studying photography during my A levels there was nobody who was able to visit and talk about university and give demonstrations on various technical processes. Now I have graduated and been through the experience of University I want to be able to give those photography students who wish to pursue photography a chance to know a bit more about what I experienced as a student who studied photography.

Firstly I was asked to return to the academy by my photography teacher Tamsyn Hill. As she continued to follow my progress and my work after leaving the academy, she was excited by the idea of having me come back and give a presentation/ lecture to her current students. I was excited by this opportunity and began thinking about other opportunities in which this may give me. To start off my visit I did a presentation on my experience at University. The presentation was separated into chapters, allowing me to discuss and explain the changes throughout each year. 


'Talking and Presenting my work to the students' All Saints Academy Plymouth (2017)

'Talking and Presenting my work to the students' All Saints Academy Plymouth (2017)


Along with photographic evidence of developing my own style and brand, I discussed other important parts of the university experience including funding, portfolios and applications. Being able to give out this advice with the knowledge I had from experiencing it first hand was humbling and I felt positive by doing this as I felt like I needed somebody to do what I did when I was a student myself. After I did my presentation I was then able to talk 1-on-1 with each of the students, giving them a chance to discuss their work with me and also ask me for advice on topics they may have questions about.

The day was a success and I really felt like I made a difference by attending the academy on the day and talking to the students about my experience at university and also my experience as somebody who has a passion for art and wishes to succeed within the arts industry. Discussion with Tamsyn at the end of the day lead onto exciting conversations about planning workshops for the students which would help them further develop their knowledge and skills within photographic practice and also other life challenges.